Save $100 On the New Dyson Airstrait Straightener with This Dupe

What's the product?

Dyson launched another new hair tool. After Airwrap and Corrale, what magic could Dyson bring to us?
It’s another straightener, but different from the traditional kind.
For a hefty $499 price tag, the uses heated high-pressure airflow to straighten hair as it dries, without the need for hot plates and extreme heat. So your hair is smoother and less damaged compared to using a traditional straightener with heated plates.
We found a very similar dupe for $100 less (that’s something!).
What's the dupe?
We heard it on and can confirm it’s a solid dupe for the Dyson Airstrait - the ($399).
It has a similar concept, dry wet hair while straightening it without extreme heat and causing damage, just with different technology.
The uses high-pressure airflow and precise heating, while the Ghd Duet Style uses air-fusion technology and smart heated styling plates. A lot of big words here but Dyson completely eliminates hot plates from this tool. 
Ultimately, both products allow you to dry and straighten the hair at the same time while minimizing damage, just with different technologies.
Some customers have mentioned that the Ghd Duet works well for thicker hair strands as well. 

Why is it a good dupe?

The ($399) is a more affordable good dupe for the  Dyson Airstrait Straightener because of these factors:
More affordable:save $100 for basically the same tool
Wet-to-dry & all-in-one styling: both products work on wet hair, allowing users to go from wet to styled hair in one step.
Minimal heat damage: both products aim to minimize heat damage to the hair. The Ghd Duet Style uses no damaging heat in its wet-to-style mode, while the Dyson Airstrait avoids extreme heat and maintains hair strength.
Lighter in weight:Ghd Duet is lighter in weight - easier to control.
Sleekness:Dyson Airstrait gives hair a sleeker and smoother finish.
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