The 15 Most Loved Beauty Dupes is 1 year old! We launched this community about a year ago out of our own needs to find more budget-friendly or simply alternative beauty products. And honestly, we just saw too many similar beauty products in the market. It's our side project, but seeing so many of you guys getting value (visiting, clicking, voting, and shopping) from the content we put out here, it's worth us spending time after work and during weekends to work on it.
As a yearly round-up, we collected a list of 15 most loved dupes by our community, the most purchased, and most voted, the cream of the crop. You won't be disappointed by any of them.

Most Loved Dupe for Nurse Jamie Uplift Roller

The ($69) is endorsed by many celebrities. Using it is like giving the face a workout, they said. The ($29.99) looks exactly like the Nurse Jamie roller, and it IS the same (except with more stones made from germanium powder). Both work the same way to help depuff, tighten and firm the skin, but because it doesn't have Nurse Jamie's marketing spend like celebrity endorsements, it's $40 less.

Most Loved Dupe for Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

This dupe is a personal find but happy to know so many agreed with me! The Charlotte Tilbury ($64) is special in its texture - it is like when you combine face oil with cream, so when you apply it, it melts into the skin to make it plumped up and perfectly hydrated for makeup. Everything about the cream is all well and good except the outrageous price…Luckily, Glossier created the ($35). The texture is an almost-identical whipped cream texture that quickly gets absorbed by the skin upon application. It's perfect for priming before makeup hence the name.

Most Loved Dupe for Nars Blush in Orgasm

Nars ($30) was the epitome of blighter. The blush was created in 1999 by François Nars, the founder of Nars Cosmetics, to look good on everyone, and it certainly does.
If you have a cool skin tone, the Nars Orgasm can appear more pinky on you. The Flower Beauty ($10) is a great dupe. It has a pinky base with a hint of peachy sheen (from the finely-milled flecks of golden shimmer). 
If you have warm undertones, Nars Orgasm can appear more peachy on you, then the Balm blush in ($20) is the dupe for you. This blush from the Balm is well-known for its overall high quality albeit the more affordable price tag, the high pigmentation, the smooth powder, and the cute packaging (with a mirror!). The color is a pinky peachy undertone with a golden sheen.

Most Loved Dupe for Glossier Cloud Paint

Glossier ($18) started the cream blush trend. Since its launch, everyone started falling in love with the diffused natural blush look cream blushes give and ditched powder blush. Cloud paint is a great cream blush, however, $18 for one color is too much for someone who wants multiple colors for different looks.
One of the most underrated brands, Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore, has these ($10) that are almost exact dupes of cloud paint, at half the price. Both have a sheer, easy-to-blend, easy-to-build-up formula that can last throughout the day.

Most Loved Dupe for Mason Pearson Hair Brush

This is another personal find from using the dupe myself! is the hair brush that always gets a shoutout in beauty interviews. Why? Maybe because it's the brush those who know a thing or two about beauty swear by. Or equally likely, it's worth bragging about because it costs $200+, the La Mer in haircare. 
Take a look at this that is a cult favorite among no other than Mason Pearson owners. There is literally no 'visible' difference between the two.
This ($36) is made of equally soft high-quality boar bristles - great for smoothing out the hair or massaging the scalp. Like Mason Pearson, this Shash brush gives your hair a glistening shine. Unlike Mason Pearson, the handle of this brush is crafted from eco-sourced beech wood. More affordable and more eco-friendly, for sure you will not regret getting it!

Most Loved Dupe for Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Charlotte loves a glow. The  ($44) can be mixed with foundation or moisturizer to give you a 'lit from within' glow that no one can detect to be artificial, like the effects of Hollywood lights.If you want this dewy and soft-focus look, we found the L'Oreal ($14.99) to be the best dupes of the flawless filter. The only thing lacking in the dupes is the shade range (surprise, surprise), but we don't think it's a big issue in highlighting products.

Most Loved Dupe for Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray

Believe it or not, the #1 best-sellers of Tower 28 beauty is the  ($28) - a cult favorite among those with sensitive and acne/eczema-prone skin. Surprisingly, the Tower 28 magical spray is formulated with only two ingredients, hypochlorous acid, and saltwater (to stabilize the acid). Even more surprisingly, we managed to find an exact dupe with the exact two ingredients at half the price - the ($14). The product has glowing customer reviews on Amazon. 
So many dupe lovers have bought and loved this since our recommendation. And with its simple ingredient list, need we say more?

Most Loved Dupe for Tatcha Rice Wash Soft Cream Cleanser

The closest dupe we've found is the ($18) which has been purchased by many community members, the name kind of gives it away.
It gives a very similar result to Tatcha's but for only half the price. The cleanser also comes out with a creamy grainy texture with biodegradable micro-powders in it that breaks down as you massage it onto your skin - the powders feel a tiny bit more obvious than Tatcha's but still is nothing abrasive. The fruit enzymes help to gently dissolve away dry, dead skin cells on the surface. The fermented rice help skin retains moisture and nutrients. The result? It leaves the skin soft, hydrated, and ph-balanced just like the Tatcha rice wash does.

Most Loved Dupe for SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 Cream

For a product that might be bought by many with sensitive skin, it is surprising that the SkinCeuticals  ($128) contains essential oil, that could lead to skin sensitivity and breakouts. If you are looking for a not only more affordable but 'cleaner' dupe, we recommend you to try the ($50/50ml).
At only a fraction of the price, this cream also contains the triple-lipid complex for lipid repair. Not surprising coming from a brand that targets sensitive skin, the  doesn't contain any essential oil but instead uses ingredients like peptide and seaweed hyaluronate blend to nourish the skin. The airless push-pump jar also protects the cream from bacteria.

Most Loved Dupe for Chanel Glow Stick

We have to give credit to where credit is due, ($45) is a beautiful product and definitely was one of a kind when it came out. It gives such a non-glittery and sophisticated glow that we willingly throw our money at it despite the price. 
For a more affordable clean-at-sephora option, you cannot go wrong with the Merit Day Glow ($30). It gives a sheer wet dewy finish that makes your face look like a glazed donut, and it doesn't accentuate texture. The product is so good that it keeps selling out.

Most Loved Dupe for Le Labo Santal 33

To say ($289) is a cult favorite is an understatement, it's the favorite among the cult favorites. The dupe we found is , a brand known for its grooming products. Cremo's palo santo scent is almost an exact replica of Santal 33, but a little brighter. With similar base notes to Santal 33 like cardamom, dry papyrus, and palo santo, its Palo Santo line is constantly sold out at Target as it's a tiny fraction of the price of Santal 33. These two scents are so similar that those who hate either one describe it as a dill pickle smell.

Most Loved Dupe for Shiseido MicroLiner Ink Eyeliner

If you like the  ($22) for its ultra-thin tip and high pigment, we found a $10 cult-favorite dupe from a Japanese drugstore brand, Canmake. This is a bold claim, but we are not scared to make it, the ($10) is the best thin pencil eyeliner we've ever tried, for its extra-thin creamy tip, its rich pigment, its true no-budge no-smudge quality, and of course, for its affordability. The glowing reviews on Amazon confirm that it is a best-selling drugstore product in Japan for a reason.

Most Loved Dupe for Beauty Blender Sponge

Although sponge doesn't sound as bad as plastic, they actually take more than 50+ years to get decomposed. If you are still using sponges like the that cost $20, leaks dye upon washing, and takes 50+ yrs to decompose, on your next round of replacement, consider getting the new 100% biodegradable. 
Made with 5 naturally derived ingredients, this ($9) will decompose after about 180 days wherever it lands, meaning you can simply toss it into the trash after use and guilt-free. The sponge itself is no different from a normal sponge. Some feel that it's a bit firmer for the first couple of uses but became softer after a couple of uses.

Most Loved Dupe for Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultrawear Liquid Lip Colour

($42) is a long-wear liquid lipstick that is completely smudge-proof, perfect for these mask-wearing days. On one end is a base color that goes on opaque with saturated color, and it sets down to be completely kiss-proof. On the other end is a gloss topcoat for you to add shine and a bit more hydration to your lips. This is a cult favorite that constantly has colors sold out. Like many other products we recommend dupes for, the only thing not so great about it is the price tag.
The more affordable dupe, which is also super popular in Asia right now, is the ($13) - the mechanism of how this lip stain works is exactly the same as Chanel's. On one end is the base color with high pigmentation. The texture is like a lip souffle that goes on smoothly, dries quickly, and leaves a film-like polymer to be completely smudge-proof.

Most Loved Dupe for SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Ah.... It smells like saliva, it's expensive, but it's so good that it never falls off the best-selling list. You can hardly find any dupes for it, that is until K-Beauty brands started fermenting their own yeast.
Many recommended the Missha Treatment Essence as a dupe, but we found the ($38) to be an even closer dupe because of its fast-absorbing and skin-strengthening properties. It is actually a better product for those with sensitive skins compared to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. At 1/5 of the price, the Neogen essence also comes in a beautiful heavy glass bottle that looks cute on your shelf.
P.S. Comment below what products you want us to find dupes for you!
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