A Roundup of Charlotte Tilbury Dupes

Hey, darlings! Yep, you’ve guessed it, in this post, we are going to do a roundup of dupes of some of Charlotte Tilbury’s best-selling products.
Charlotte Tilbury is known for her bubbly personality, and of course, for her amazing product line. Every single product from Charlotte Tilbury is created with intention and many are pioneers in their category. We are a huge fan of the brand. Nevertheless, if you are looking for alternatives to Charlotte Tilbury products for whatever reason, we are here to serve you. Read on!
P.S. If you are a fan of Tom Ford Beauty, it was Charlotte who created the original line.
Madison Beer says in her Vogue beauty secrets video that her favorite blush is the CT beauty light wand, we have to agree after seeing how it instantly transformed her into a glowy fairy. Actually, everyone seems to agree as it's sold out almost everywhere; understandably so when we realized it's quite hard to find a pigmented and glowy cream blush as good as the CT's. Spoil alert, we found one!
($22) is almost an identical product to CT's light wand formula-wise with even more shades. I mean just look it at Selena's face!
The Charlotte Tilbury setting powder breaks the preconceived notion that powders are powdery. It's very finely milled and has ingredients like rose wax and almond oil to prevent cakiness.
Sounds like a pretty high bar to reach? The ($12.99) is an equal contender that sets, blurs, and illuminates without drying out the skin. It actually gained its popularity by being CT's dupe. Drew Barrymore's brand Flower Beauty (such an underrated brand) also has a ($13.99) that has great reviews.
Those with dark under-eye circles, which pretty much all of us have, swear by CT's magic vanish color corrector. Its color range can conceal any kind of hyperpigmentation (blue, green, purple).
One of the most-loved alternatives is the ($32) that is hydrating, brightening and has ingredients that help to treat dark circles. Another very similar product we found is the ($25) that we've seen many people rave about.
Charlotte once said in an interview that the magic cream was originally this concoction she DIY'd as a makeup artist to prep client's skin for makeup. You know when your skin is so dry and flaky that the makeup doesn't sink in, this magic cream fix that like a dream. The texture of the cream is like when you combine face oil with cream, so when you apply it, it melts into the skin and immediately plumps it up to make your skin ready for makeup. Everything about the cream is all well and good except the outrageous price…
Luckily, Glossier came up with the , which is almost an identical product (that we don't need to repeat we've said ) with hero ingredients like fatty acids, Murumuru Butter, and ceramides. For the same 100ml, Glossier's only cost $35. Run, don't walk.
The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eyeshadow Palette's packaging so luxurious that having it in your collection makes you feel a million bucks. While we cannot find a dupe with similarly beautiful packaging, the shadows are certainly dupable. For the pillow talk collection, the has some very similar shades, is equally pigmented, and blends out like a dream. Well, we know Urban Decay Naked Palettes never disappoint.
Charlotte loves a glow. The Hollywood Flawless Filter can be mixed with foundation or moisturizer to give you a 'lit from within' glow that no one can detect to be artificial, like the effects of Hollywood lights.
If you want this dewy and soft-focus look, we found the ($9.99) and the ($14.99) to be the best dupes of the flawless filter. The only thing lacking in the dupes is the shade range (surprise, surprise), but we don't think it's a big issue in highlighting products.
When CT pillow talk came out, it broke the internet. Because it's the perfect nude color that doesn't make you look sickly. The market is efficient, of course, other brands followed suit. So if you want more affordable options, ($20) and ($6) are both close dupes of pillow talk colorwise.
Similarly, everyone loves the pillow talk lip liner, especially for overlining the lips for a fuller lip look. The lip liners we've found that look most similar to the pillow talk are the ($15), a bit pinkier, and the Milani Color Statement Lipliner in Nude ($5), less creamy.
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