Swap Your Glossier Faves for These Community-Approved Dupes

Glossier is launching in Sephora on Feb 23rd, 2023. If you are reading this post, you must have hesitations. 
You probably also have realized that Glossier's products, because they are so small in size, are not as affordable as they seem. Over the years, many other brands launched similar or superior products that could replace your Glossier faves at a lower cost.
We've listed the most-loved Glossier dupes by our community - so you can skip getting those and save some $$.
P.S. The one product that's hard to find an exact dupe for is the . The name is accurate. It's as unique as yourself.
The ingredients Glossier highlighted in the are castor seed oil, beeswax, lanolin, and fruit & plant extracts.
The alternative we found is a product with 100% lanolin, a natural emollient found in sheep's wools, an ingredient that is so safe that it can be used on the mouths of newborn babies.
It is ($12) from Lanolips, which also comes in many scents like watermelon, mint, pear, cocoa butter… Each one's ingredients are simply lanolin, vitamin e, and a scented oil for each flavor.
Lanolin is a kind of emollient that resemble those naturally found in the skin, it mimics human skin lipids. This means it not only hydrates but also improves the rate of barrier repair.
was created in 2009 before Glossier, it has since been a staple in many makeup artists' kits; even making us speculate that this is the brand and product that inspired .
Flower Beauty has these ($10) that are almost exact dupes of cloud paint, at half the price.
Both have a sheer, easy-to-blend, buildable formula that can last throughout the day. The colors are very similar as well. If you are a fan of Glossier cloud paint, we highly recommend you give Flower Beauty blush bomb a try.
For beauty professionals, the works like magic. You can recreate a whole set of brows with this pen.
For everyday non-artist people like us, brow flick is hard to control. If you apply too much pressure, which is easy to do with the soft brush head, you just end up with a big blob of black ink and need to start over.
The much easier-to-control dupe our community love is the Why?
✅ The tip is thinner.
✅The color is less opaque.
✅$6 cheaper.
($19/177ml) is one of Glossier's best-selling products. It's gentle and soft on the skin but also cleanses well without stripping the skin.
There are two more affordable alternatives with raving reviews.
The ($14.99/400ml ) gives a similar result at 1/3 of the price. It's formulated with even better ingredients like ceramide-3, niacinamide, glycerin, and thermal water - cleanse well while maintaining the skin's barrier & PH.
Another holy grail you must have heard of is the ($9/232ml). It's a gentle daily cleanser loved by many with sensitive, irritated, dry skin. Other than nourishing oats and calming ingredients, this cleanser also has Poloxamer, an ingredient highlighted by Glossier as a mild, eye-safe cleansing agent used in contact lens solutions.
Word on the street is that Undone Beauty is the more affordable version of Glossier. We bought and tried one of the most intriguing dupes we've found, the ($12), and the acclaimed dupe of ($18).
These two products are similar but also different (in a good way).
Similar in that they are both emollient, hydrating, and melt into the skin upon application, but without leaving any traces of cakiness that concealers typically give.
Different in that has more coverage, 3 different levels of coverage actually, you can go sheer or build it up to your liking. It is also a bit thicker and less wet than the Glossier stretch concealer, so less likely to crease, and all in all, more concealer-like than Glossier's.
P.S. You can find
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