Don't Use the Starface Pore Strip - Use This Better Dupe Instead.

This one comes from my personal experience.
Starface is a brand that I admire  for "normalizing" pimples and imperfections. The star pimple patches make people look forward to breakouts so they can "decorate" their faces. But when I saw the brand also had pore strips, I had to write this post, because I know how tempting those would be (especially the Hello Kitty ones), but there are better options than these strips.
How pore strips work is they literally cling on to the oil of black heads and remove the some of the buildups in pores to make them look temporarily smaller. But with the open pores, they will get fill right up again. Not to mention the irritations from the strippings - a layer of your skin will come off even if you don't see it.
A much gentler black head clearing option I discovered, tried and loved myself is the CNP LABORATORY Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit ($32/10 sets). It's a 2-step mask kit. The 1st mask dissolves blackheads and sebum, with their patented formula, you will see the blackheads magically come out on their own after 15 mins using the mask. You gently clear out the sebum using Q tips. Then the 2nd mask with witch hazel extract will help to tighten your pores and soothe your skin.
For someone with huge pores on their nose from picking on the skin and probably from using pore strips as a teen, this is the only product that really work for my blackheads. And not temporarily. I found myself having to use the mask less and less frequently with proper daily skincare. A holy grail for sure!
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