The Best Dupe for the Glossier Cloud Paint

I feel like a broken record saying this. Glossier doesn't sell products, it sells you the image of the person you want to become, effortless beauty. In this sense, it's quite hard to find dupes of Glossier. But if we narrow our focus down to the products themselves, many dupes can sure be found!
Glossier cloud paint ($18) started the cream blush trend. Since its launch, everyone started falling in love with the diffused natural blush look cream blushes give and ditched powder blush. Cloud paint is a great cream blush, however, $18 for one color is too much for someone who wants multiple colors for different looks.
One of the most underrated brands, Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore, has these blush bomb cream blushes ($10) that are almost exact dupes of cloud paint, at half the price. Both have a sheer, easy-to-blend, easy-to-build-up formula that can last throughout the day. The colors are very similar as well. If you are a fan of Glossier cloud paint, we highly recommend you give Flower Beauty blush bomb a try.
P.S. Cream blushes are more versatile, indeed like paints, colors can be mixed together to make new colors!
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