Achieve Red Velvet Irene's Pastel Eye Look with Natasha Denona Pastel Palette or Its More Affordable Dupe

In Red Velvet's comeback stage for their new mini album 'The ReVe Festival 2022 - Birthday', Irene showed up with an ethereal pastel green/blue eye look, which inspired me to recreate the look.
Surprisingly, there aren't many pastel palettes on the market. It turns out pastels are hard to formulate, especially if customers look for opaque and pigmented finishes.
The ($69) is the most versatile pastel palette with the most beautiful color choices. It comes in 7 mattes, 4 duochromes, 4 metallics. You can create almost any fun pastel look with this set, going from a wash of color to shimmer or the impactful duochrome. Plus, the Natasha Denona shadow formula is undeniably top-notch - the pigment is buildable to the extent you like (I personally prefer a light watercolor finish to an opaque color block look).
The more affordable dupe is from a cult favorite brand -. The color story is very similar to Natasha Denona's, but it lacks the duochromes. Although it's considerably cheaper ($25), the powder is also creamy, buildable, and long-lasting. The cardboard packaging without mirrors might have something to do with the lower price point.
P.S. You can find  here.
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