The Best Dupe of the Glossier Generation G Lipstick

The ($18) was one of a kind. You wouldn't tie the words matte and sheer together, and yet somehow glossier was able to launch a sheer matte lipstick that gives you lips just the right amount hint of color without being too thick or dry.
Since Glossier changed the formula, however, the lipstick has less slip to it (harder to apply) and started to have this overpowering rose scent that could be hard for those sensitive to smells. If you feel the same, or you are looking for a similar product with a more affordable price tag (yes, glossier is not drug store price), we got the dupe for you.
The ($10) has the exact concept of generation g, a matte yet cream, sheer yet buildable lipstick. On top of the more appealing price tag (so you can buy 2 for the price of 1 gg), the Undone Beauty one is more moisturizing and long-lasting, minus the off-putting scent.
If you read the reviews of the Undone Beauty Matte Talk Lip online, you will find that we are not the only ones raving about this as generation g's dupe.
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