The More Affordable but Equally Luxurious Dupe for the Slip Pillowcase

If you look up any thread on Reddit asking if it is worth the money buying a for $89, you would see many comments suggesting getting a cheaper one on Amazon instead.
The benefits of silk pillowcases are well established - fewer wrinkles, smoother hair, and cooler sleep. Do you need to pay $89 to own a quality silk pillowcase though? Not really.
The is nothing special. If you have a bigger budget and seek a luxurious brand experience, go for the Slip pillowcase. But if you just want a luxurious silk pillowcase, any 100% silk pillowcase on Amazon with good reviews would do.
We tried and recommend the . Priced at $18 for a standard size, it's made with the same high-quality mulberry silk and similar thickness. It comes in multiple colors with zip enclosures. Same as Slip's, it's also machine washable with proper settings and cleansing solutions. Based on reviews, the durability of this pillowcase is better than Slip's, which appears to have more frequent quality control issues recently.
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