The More Affordable Dupe for the Summer Friday Lip Butter Balm with SPF Protection

What's the product?

The is Summer Friday’s best-selling product for a good reason. It’s a nourishing lip balm that hydrates the lips (for real) and makes your lips look juicy and delicious. It now comes in 6 different colors because people just keep asking for more.

What's the dupe?

This is a very close dupe.
The is a hydrating lip balm with the added benefit of UV protection (SPF 30)! The formula has a buttery smooth texture that is slightly sticky in a good way - unlike a slippery lip oil, it gives you long-lasting juicy plump lips.
This lip balm also has a delicious vanilla brown sugar flavor and is deeply hydrating. I personally also bought this one and my lips always feel so soft afterwards.

Why is it a good dupe?

We recommend the ($14/0.35oz) as a close dupe for the ($24/0.5oz):
✅ Much more affordable 
✅ The Same juicy but not-too-sticky texture that gives lips long-lasting shine
✅ Added sun protection with SPF 30
✅ Nutrient-rich ingredients: Aloe Stem Cells, Sea Moss, and Vitamin E
✅ The Same delicious vanilla brown sugar scent
✅ The Same curved applicator hugs the lip when applying
✅ Compact & easy on-the-go
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