This Kosas Air Brow Dupe is More Affordable and Gives You More Hold

I think the title sums it up all but I will elaborate. The ($22)  is known for its…well..airiness. Most brow tints are meant to help you fill in the brow, but this one not only tints the brow and fills in the gaps in between, but it also adds volume to the brow hair that they look fluffy, airy, and like real hair. The biggest downside with this product is that, as many reviewers have said, it doesn't give much hold. The hair moves around and leaves you wondering, "do my brow still look ok?" - definitely not a fuss-free product. Plus, many complained that the Kosas brow gel goes bad really fast due to its 'cleanness'.
We found many people online and the trusty Youtuber Jamie Paige recommending the ($11) as an alternative to the Kosas Air Brow. The applicator of the NYX one is a bit chunkier, you have to be a little careful about not getting too much product onto the brow. Nevertheless, running this throw your brow hairs will give you fuller, and fluffier brow, but you can feel quite instantly that it gives your brow hair more hold. This one product alone, literally, can thick it and stick it, at half the price of Kosas Air Brow.
This brow gel also recently went viral on TikTok, which certainly validates how good it is.
P.S. You can check out here.
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