A Roundup of Tower 28 Beauty Dupes

It's no pure luck that Tower 28 Beauty has risen to mass fandom in just 2 years since its launch in 2019. The brand entered the market with blushes and lip glosses with hundreds of alternatives already in the market, what made the brand really stand out was that it's one of the first cosmetics brands tailored to sensitive skin, and the only makeup brand to follow the U.S. National Eczema Association's guidelines while having beautiful-when-applied, non-toxic, non-irritating formulas.
None of Tower 28's products are priced over $28 (now $30 due to inflation). Seeing the quality of the Tower28 products, this is quite affordable. We encourage you to support a female-Asian-owned forward-thinking brand if you could. But if you are still searching for some dupes, we are here for you. Read on!

Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray Dupe

Believe it or not, the #1 best-sellers of Tower 28 beauty is the ($28) - a cult favorite among those with sensitive and acne/eczema-prone skin, and a favorite of the founder Amy Liu. The spray's hero ingredient is hypochlorous acid, found in our immune system to defend against bacteria, irritation, and injury. Sprayed on the skin, it soothes, deals with inflammation, and speeds up the skin healing process. You can spray it on cuts, acne, eczema, anytime and anywhere you have skin irritations, it helps. That definitely sounds like a best-seller!
The product skyrocketed in fame during COVID because maskne suddenly became a thing. Many have found with the SOS spray sprayed before putting on a mask greatly reduces the acne and redness from wearing it.
Surprisingly, the Tower 28 magical spray is formulated with only two ingredients, hypochlorous acid and saltwater (to stabilize the acid). Even more surprisingly, we managed to find an exact dupe with the exact two ingredients at half the price - the ($14). The product has glowing customers' reviews on Amazon. So many dupe lovers have bought and loved this since our recommendation. And with its simple ingredient list, need we say more?

Tower 28 Luminous Tinted Balm Dupe

Tower 28 Beauty made its name through the ($20). The formula is the best of everything. It has an emollient texture - easy to blend out; but once applied, it turns into a powdery texture while maintaining the dewiness. And it lasts for hours!
The dupe of this magical product? We asked our Reddit community! The most-voted dupe is the ($10). At half the price, the Milani blush is very similar to Tower 28's cream blush - lightweight, non-greasy, buildable, long-lasting, although with a bit less glow.
With the community's vote of confidence, we don't think you will disappoint by giving it a try; especially if you want to collect more colors (don't we all).

Tower 28 ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly Dupe

The Tower 28 Beauty ($14) officially kickstarted the era of non-sticky lip glosses. Looking back now, it's mind-blowing that we consumers put up with sticky glosses for so long. Mr. Steve Jobs is right, "Customers don't know what they want until you show it to them".
The milky lip jelly is non-sticky, hydrating, cushioning, but also has decent color payoffs. Your straight guy friends won't throw a question like "did you eat something oily?" at you with this lip gloss, they would know that's makeup.
The dupe we found, which surprisingly not a lot of people are talking about, is the ($8.5). The name kind of gives it away. It has a very similar non-sticky gel-like milky formula. The finish is juicy but not sparkly. The product comes in 8 colors, and some colors have even more opaque payoffs than Tower 28's. Last but not least, doesn't the packaging of the NYX This is Milky gloss looks really chic? For once, we have a drug store dupe that has the whole package!

Tower 28 Bronzino Illuminating Bronzer Dupe

If you like Tower 28 blush's formula, but want a sun-kissed bronzing version of it, you would love the ($20). It's like a blush, bronzer, highlighter in one, which is exactly how your face looks after a beach session - no airfare needed.
The dupe we found is not cheaper but gives the same effect, and is more hygienic and more precise in application. It's the ($20). This product is designed to achieve the same kissed-by-the-sun look, a combination of warmth and light-reflecting dimension that gives a natural luminous dewy look. Just like Tower 28's Bronzino, solar paint is also formulated with nourishing plant oils to condition the face. But even better, the doe-foot applicator ensures your bronzer is placed where you want, where the sun would naturally hit; and you won't need to worry about contaminating the product with dirty fingers, so it stays fresh longer.

Tower 28 SunnyDays SPF30 Tinted Sunscreen Dupe

Sunscreen is hard to get right, tinted sunscreen is even harder. Often it's oily or patchy, but Tower 28 sure got ($30) right. The mineral formula is lightweight but buildable into a medium coverage.
The more affordable dupe we found is a bestselling cult favorite on Amazon, the Australian Gold ($13.99). This is also a mineral sunscreen formulated with non-nano Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. It has a slightly thicker lotion texture that blends more easily into the skin and provides a matte natural finish after soaking into the skin, similar to SunnyDays'. Even better, Australian Gold has a higher SPF and more antioxidant ingredients, if you are in a rush, you can literally slap this on in the morning and get out of the door. The price tag ensures you can be generous with the amount you apply and get the sun protection you need.
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