How to Save Money on Beauty Buys #SurviveInflation

Inflation is real. Beauty inflation is also real. With so many price hikes, even a Sephora Savings Event is not enough to cover the increase.
Buying less is the first thing you should do.
But we also want to share some of the ways we save money to help the beauty-obsessed survive inflation. 

Discount & Cashback

Cashback: is the favorite that we’ve been using for years. It quite often has ~10% cash back  on so that’s an additional 10% off on top of any site promos.
Discount: Other than the usual site offer, take advantage of abandon cart offer brands to make you go back. 
1. Submit your email/phone number
2. Add to cart
3. Leave the site
4. Wait for a cart abandonment offer to arrive in your inbox.

Take advantage of your FSA/HSA

Those are pre-tax money you can spend on sunscreen and acne products. Sometimes unexpected things qualify.
A couple of ways we spend our FSA on beauty.
1. On , search for FSA/HSA and look for the FSA or HSA eligible label under the product. 
Even Dr. Dennis Gross light therapy mask is FSA/HSA eligible.
2. Some brands, like Supergoop!, accept FSA/HSA for eligible products. You can usually get additional discounts on their sites on top of the money you already saved from FSA/HSA. 
3. Get from or where they have the complete qualified collection.

Get Minis

Yes - Minis have higher $$/gram but this number only makes sense if you use up all the products.
Think about what you usually cannot use up before the expiration date or products you just want to try for fun and get the MINI versions of them. 
For me, it’s mascara, concealer,  highlighter, and lip product.

Find more affordable dupes

Use sites like ours to find more affordable dupes :D Even if they are not exactly the same, if you are okay with some differences (mostly packaging), you can find more affordable options for most products. 
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