Why About-Face's The Performer Foundation is a Dupe for MAKE UP FOR EVER's HD Skin Hydra Glow

Among the plethora of new foundation launches, MAKE UP FOR EVER's HD Skin \($47) has been a popular go-to for many, thanks to its medium coverage, natural and radiant finish, and skincare-infused formula. However, About-Face's \($22) emerges as a compelling alternative, or dupe, offering similar benefits at a more accessible price point, along with an even more inclusive shade range.

Key Similarities:

1. Skincare-Infused Formulas: Both foundations are packed with skincare ingredients designed to hydrate and enhance the skin's appearance. MAKE UP FOR EVER incorporates a Hydra-Skin Booster Complex™, mimicking the hydrating effect of a sheet mask, while About-Face boasts over 17 skincare ingredients, including Blue Agave for hydration and plumping, Wintergreen for calming blemishes, and Chlorella for energizing the skin barrier.
2. Buildable, Breathable Coverage: Each foundation offers buildable, medium coverage that feels light on the skin and is designed to last throughout the day without compromising skin health.
3. Natural, Radiant Finish: Users of both products can achieve a naturally luminous look that doesn't sacrifice the skin's texture or tone for the sake of coverage.

Why About-Face's The Performer($22) Stands Out:

* More Inclusive Shade Range: With 45 shades, About Face's surpasses MAKE UP FOR EVER's 32 shades, offering a broader spectrum of options for all skin tones.
* Price Accessibility: At a more affordable price point at $22 vs. $47, The Performer makes it easier for a wider audience to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality, skincare-infused foundation.
* Unique Application: The Performer's innovative packaging and oversized doe foot applicator simplify the application process, ensuring a precise, even coverage with minimal product waste.
* Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Emphasizing ethical considerations, About-Face's foundation is vegan and cruelty-free, appealing to consumers who prioritize animal welfare in their beauty choices.

Customer Feedback

Both foundations have garnered positive reviews for their performance, with users praising their hydrating effects, natural finish, and ability to improve skin texture over time.
MAKE UP FOR EVER's is celebrated for its 24-hour hydration and ability to visibly plump and brighten skin, as supported by clinical results. Similarly, has been lauded for its seamless, cakey-free finish and skin-supporting benefits, with many users noting its exceptional wear on various skin types and conditions.


For beauty enthusiasts seeking a high-quality, hydrating foundation that doesn't break the bank, About-Face's presents itself as a worthy dupe to MAKE UP FOR EVER's HD Skin \($47).
With its inclusive shade range, skincare-infused formula, and ethical production, it not only meets but exceeds expectations, offering a viable alternative for those looking to achieve a radiant, healthy-looking complexion without compromise.
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