Reddit Top Beauty Dupes ft. Glossier, Drunk Elephant, Youth to The People

There’s no better place to find beauty dupes than Reddit. 
They are not sponsored. 
The upvotes help you to know which one is the most legit.
Ok…now we are starting this series... is officially the best place for finding dupes. Spread the words!
Each month, we are going through Reddit to bring you the best beauty dupes people recommend on there. So you don’t have to dig through them yourself.

Dupe for l ($36)

As Redditor mentioned, the Drunk Elephant bronzing gel is overpriced for what it is, probably to be in line with the price of other products from the brand.
A community member had high praises for the Innbeauty as an alternative, so much so that they use it every day. And it costs just $25. 
We also had another recommendation for the that is only $16.

Dupe for ($14)

The key ingredient in Glossier Balm Dotcom are castor seed oil, beeswax, lanolin, and fruit & plant extracts. The dupe Reddit recommended is the exact same one we have recommended before.
The Original 101 ($12) from Lanolips - a product with 100% lanolin, a natural emollient found in sheep's wools, an ingredient that is so safe that it can be used on the mouths of newborn babies. It also comes in many scents like watermelon, mint, pear, cocoa butter… 

Dupe for ($24)

This is a new discovery for me as well. Wet & Wild is only $5, but gives a dark opaque color and is totally smudge-proof. 
If Stilia Liquid Eyeliner or any other high-end liquid eyeliner has been your holly-grail, this one wouldn’t disappoint. You can get 5 Wet & Wild eyeliners for the price of one Stila!

Dupe for Youth to the People ($39)

We recommended a dupe for the Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser in another dupe alert.
Reddit community came with another classic recommendation - the ($22). They love the LRP one because it’s gentle, effective, and doesn’t dry out your skin. It also has a similar consistency to the YTTP one. 
You really don’t need to spend a lot of money on cleanser. As it only stay on your skin for a little bit, any claimed active ingredients wouldn’t have enough time to make a difference.
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