The More Affordable Dupe for the Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb

For the past few years, it's all about the dewy dumpling look. A from-within glow that doesn't look makeup-y, a "clean girl" look.
What if you want some sparkles? The in How Many Carats ($40) gives you a veil of pure sparkle for the face as well as the body. It's a multi-purpose product you can put on your cheekbones, as an inner corner highlight, or for an all-over body glow. The texture is a creamy powder but very lightweight, it glides onto the skin like nothing is there, but leaves a trail of sparkles like scatter stars. You shine like a diamond🎵. In the current beauty industry where everyone is going for a balmy dewy look, this product is quite unique.
We've seen many people on Reddit asking for a more affordable option. Well…the first way to save money on any product you love, especially makeup items that you most likely won't finish, is to buy the mini version. Usually, that is more than enough to last you a long time. Since our last recommendation, it seems like Fenty Beauty took away the mini version of the diamond bomb. No worries, we found a dupe for you.
($24), despite the more boring name, is very similar to the Fenty Beauty diamond bomb. It is glittery, but the absolute best kind, not chunky, sophisticated, crystal-like. It gives a translucent scattered shimmer that looks like the light of crystals. The finish is sheer and lightweight - zero fall-out. It looks especially beautiful as a topper on the eyelids.
The ($24) comes in multiple colors. The color quartz (shimmering bright white) is the closest to "how many carats", with a slight difference. It has a tiny bit of silver flecks beneath the white shimmer, which adds more dimension to the look. With $24, you get less product than the Fenty Beauty diamond bomb. It is more than enough to last you a long long time.
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