The Best Affordable Dupe of the Beautyblender® - So You Can Replace it More Regularly

I wasn't reminded of this until I researched for this post, by research I mean asking our awesome Reddit r/makeupdupes community, that makeup sponges are germ collectors!
Even if you wash them regularly, from experience, it's really hard to get the parts with foundation soaked-in clean clean, or to get the sponge completely dry after cleaning to avoid molding. Not to mention most of us use it for multiple purposes -  base, blush, cream, and powder, the little cocktail makes the sponge more prone to bacteria. Yuck!
So if you were to use makeup sponges, the best way to avoid getting germs all over your face is to wash but also replace them regularly -  more reason to find affordable dupes.
Like many products we are recommending dupes for, the original beautyblender® ($20) was innovative when it came out, but now there are more and better options in the market, without the $20 price tag. We asked our community to help us find the best dupe for the beautyblender®. 105/178 voted the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Beauty Sponge ($5).
Both sponges are latex-free (less likely to cause allergic reaction). The RT's sponge is less squishy and more dense than the beautyblender®, but there's no visible difference blending out products. The shape of the RT's sponge also makes it more versatile for both base and contour products.
Overall, there is no big difference between the two sponges functionality wise. But for the same price, you can replace Real Technique's sponge 4x more frequently. Really, the choice is in your hands.
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