The Biodegradable Dupe of the Beauty Blender Sponge

Beauty, like the fashion industry, creates much waste. All the plastic packaging, mascara wands, plastic pumps…most are not recyclable or are rarely recycled. That's why we are creating this series highlighting some of the most sustainable and biodegradable dupes we've found to their less environmentally-conscious counterparts. Subscribe to get notified when they are added.
Although sponge doesn't sound as bad as plastic, they actually take more than 50+ years to get decomposed. The environmental harm they will do while they are in landfills cannot be ignored. We've mentioned before that makeup sponges need to be replaced often as they are Disneyland for germs and bacteria, so finding a sustainable option is ever so important for this category.
If you are still using sponges like the original beauty blender that cost $20, leaks dye upon washing, and takes 50+ yrs to decompose, on your next round of replacement, consider getting the new 100% biodegradable for $6.
Made with 5 naturally derived ingredients, this will decompose after about 180 days wherever it lands, meaning you can simply toss it into the trash after use and guilt-free.
The sponge itself is no different from a normal sponge. Some feel that it's a bit firmer for the first couple of uses but became softer after a couple of uses.
P.S. It won't start biodegrading until it's in a suitable environment (e.g. landfill) - it won't disappear from your makeup bag after 6 months.
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