The Much More Affordable Dupe of the Mason Pearson Hair Brush

Mason Pearson is the hair brush that always gets a shoutout in beauty interviews. Why? Maybe because it's the brush those who know a thing or two about beauty swears by. Or equally likely, it's worth bragging about because it costs $200+, the La Mer in haircare.
I first heard of ($275) from The Devil Wears Prada. I remember my ears perked up when Andrea mentioned a hair brush by the brand name. But of course, the price tag stops me from doing anything more than just browsing. What makes the hair brush unique and expensive, other than its 100 yrs English heritage, is the boar bristles. Unlike plastics, they are softer and finer, so your hair glides through with much less hair breakage or static.
What if I tell you that you can have all of that at a far less gut-wrenching price. Take a look at this German-born 100-year-old boar bristle hair brush that is a cult favorite among no other than Mason Pearson owners. There is literally no 'visible' difference between the two. ($36) is made of equally soft high-quality boar bristles - great for smoothing out the hair or massaging the scalp.
Like Mason Pearson, gives your hair a glistening shine. Unlike Mason Pearson, the handle of this brush is crafted from eco-sourced beech wood. More affordable and more eco-friendly, for sure you will not regret getting it!
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