The More Affordable Dupe for the L'Occitane Shower Oil that Cleanses Better

No one looks forward to putting on body lotion in the cold winter months, even though it's a necessity. Shower oil is the savior that kills two birds with one stone.
Glossier, more known for its makeup, has many unsung heroes, one of which is the Body Hero . It's $20 for 8.4oz, but it feels much more luxurious. The scent is much like , but not as intense, and you usually need to spend $200 to smell like that.
The formula is a lightweight oil ((sourced from coconuts, olives, grapeseeds, and sunflower seeds) that feels like a cleansing oil for your face. You can use this as shaving oil, then add water to turn it into a light foam to remove any grime. Your skin feels clean but not squeaky, hydrated but not heavy, the best kind.
Before body hero, the only body oil cleanser that many could name without fail was the ($29). The comforting and reminiscing almondy scent and the luxe texture are what make it famous and a staple in many people's bathrooms. Sure, your skin feels soft and plush afterward, the downside is it doesn't cleanse well.
The almond shower oil leaves no stickiness but you could almost feel your skin is too moisturized, some have also complained about this clogging up their pores as the oil is very emollient. What's the point of showering if your skin is not cleansed properly, if moisture is all you need why not just slap on body oil?
If your skin is not particularly dry, we recommend the as a more affordable and lightweight option that also cleanses well.
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