The More Affordable Dupe for the Summer Fridays Sheer Skin Tint

Skin tints, also known as sheer foundations or tinted moisturizers, saturate the beauty market. These tints give you a no-makeup makeup look varying across the spectrum of dewiness - whichever degree you want to go you have an option. To stand out in the market, brands are introducing tints with skincare benefits, skincare & makeup in one, like the , and the new . The added benefit to this positioning is jacked-up prices, the new Summer Fridays tint costs $42 for 1oz, well above the price points of other skin tints.
Like you cannot replace your sunscreen with a tinted moisturizer w/ SPF, I am a firm believer that you cannot replace your skincare steps with a skin tint with skin-caring ingredients, they are just cherries on a cake, nice to have.
The is a beautiful product that evens out your skin tone and is packed with great ingredients. The tiger grass helps to reduce the look of redness. The humectant blend (glycerin and hyaluronic acid ) hydrates the skin, and the emollients (squalane, vitamin E, safflower, and avocado oils) lock in the moisture. As great as it sounds, you could apply your serum and moisturizer with the proper amount for better results. You don't need to get them from a skin tint. And you don't need to pay $42 for this (if you don't want to). You just need a good tint that doesn't irritate your skin or break you out.
Many recommend the ($14) as a more affordable option for Summer Fridays skin tint. Although it doesn't have a long list of fancy ingredients, it's formulated specifically for sensitive skin with no alcohol, dye, or fragrance. With pro-vitamin B5 added in, your skin will still be hydrated. It has the same lightweight serum texture that is still buildable to give a sheer to medium coverage. Other than slight oxidation, the tint last well throughout the day, and doesn't cling to dry patches or cake up.

P.S. You can find  here.
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