lilac/lavender blushes from Glossier, Nars, Tower 28, and Clinique

Lilac/lavender blushes are the top-trending colors - even Glossier is launching a limited-edition lavender cloud pain called on 6/13. 
It’s no coincidence that it’s popular. The color works universally across different skin tones. 
On warm skin tones, it helps counteract any sallowness or discoloration, giving your complexion a more radiant appearance.
On cool skin tones, it can create a brightening effect, making the face appear more vibrant.
Depending on your skin type, you might want different textures of lilac blushes. We got you some of the best recommendations!

NARS Afterglow Liquid Blush - ($32)

Texture: sheer liquid
Suitable for: those looking for a sheer color hydrating glowy finish

Glossier - Cloud Paint - ($20)

Texture: lightweight gel-cream
Suitable for: those looking for buildable coverage with a natural-looking  finish

Tower 28 Beauty - BeachPlease Cream Blush - ($20)

Texture: tinted balm
Suitable for: those looking for pigmented blush with a natural luminous finish

Clinique Cheek Pop - - $29

Texture: silky powder
Suitable for: those looking for vibrant yet long-lasting semi-matte cheek color
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