Is Heyday Facial Worth It? Nope!

This post is based on my personal experience with Heyday for the past few months. I have since cancelled my membership and won't be going back any time soon.

The Hidden Membership Requirements

When I signed up for membership, they told me I could pause and cancel at any time. 
Turns out, this is only partly true.
Because what's hidden in their section on the website is this: "We require a two-month minimum and one membership term's notice for cancelation."
This means:
(i) At the moment you want to cancel, you need to pay another additional month's membership fee to get out of it.
(ii) You would need to pay at least 114* 3 = $432 to Heyday after you become a member.
That's the price of you signing up for a membership.
That's where the sweet discounts/perks come from. 
Don't sign up for membership unless you are ready to pay this much.

The Facial

Unless you do add-ons, the facial is unimpressive for people who know skincare.
It generally involves cleansing, extraction, then applying mask, serum, and moisturizer. All of the steps you can do at home on your own.
Considering the (another fast facial chain) only costs $75. This price of the Heyday facial is exorbitant!

The Service

The staff is nice but the service and ambience just…again…doesn't match the amount of money you pay.

My Final Take

Heyday is worth it if you are new to skincare or want a quick facial from time to time. But I wouldn't recommend getting the membership unless you know what you are getting into.
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