Cannot Get Hold of the Charlotte Tilbury Pop Shot in Ultraviolet? Get These Similar Dupes.

We usually don't get many magenta eyeshadows. But it seems like the beauty and fashion industries do follow Pantone color of the year when deciding what color to launch with, which is magenta this year.
Charlotte Tilbury sold out its ($34) in Ultraviolet, not surprisingly as it's a beautiful one-and-done shadow that gives you sparkle and pigment at the same time.
Single shadows are not always the best budget buys. For the same amount of money or a bit more you can get a shadow palette with many more colors
shared some very similar-looking shadows. If you already have them or plan to get these shadows, you don't need to feel much FOMO about not having the .

The color (lilac with pink shift) has a similar color tone to the Charlotte Tilbury Pop Shot in ultraviolet, but with more sparkles.
Many were hoping the Charlotte Tilbury ultraviolet would have a duo-chrome shift to make it more special. The is one such color. It's a duo-chrome lilac color that looks less potent in color than ultraviolet, which makes it more wearable.
The most affordable option is the . The formula needs no introduction, the color is also very unique. It's a metallic vivid violet with a blue duo chrome flip that looks really pretty on the eyes.
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