The Best Dupe of the Anastasia Brow Wiz

If you've watched a makeup tutorial, you would notice that the brow takes the longest to do. It's worth the effort though. A brow can literally change your entire look. Exhibit A below.
When thick brow became trendy, for the longest time, the ($23) is THE brow pencil to use to create hair-like strokes and mimic real brows for those with non-existent brows, because of its pointy tip. Also because of its thin tip, for $23, it gets used up really quickly.
We are here to help, of course!
We asked our Reddit community for their opinion again and an overwhelming amount of people voted ($10) as the best dupe. We 100% agree. It’s almost an identical product to the Anastasia brow wiz. It has the same skinny tip for you to draw ultra-fine lines. The formula is creamy and long-lasting. It also comes in 8 colors for different hair colors.
For a stable product that you use every single day and in no need of fancy packaging - the is an economical but also effective option.
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