The Best Dupe of the Kate Somerville Makeup Setting Spray SPF 50 Sunscreen

Dermatologists say we should reapply sunscreen every 2 hours outside. Easy for you to say, doc. How do we do that when we have a full face of makeup? Of course, some of the millions of beauty brands have answers for us - SPF as sprays!
It's not an easy product to formulate. It has to have good SPF coverage but also needs to be layered on top of makeup without smudging anything up.
The Kate Somerville UncompliKated Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray SFP50 ($40/3.4 oz) is such a product loved by many. It's an extra layer of sun protection after makeup without white cast or greasiness. It's also formulated with light-diffusing silicone powder to blur and mattify makeup. Based on the reviews, it's more of a setting spray with SPF vs. an SPF that is also a setting spray. The sun protection power on its own - unknown.
If you are looking for a dupe that is slightly more affordable but also has more reliable sun protection, Supergoop, the brand that only sells sun protection products, has the product for you.
Here's a story about this product told by one Redditor. Hot summer day, this product applied alone, not even pink the day after.
The product is the Supergoop Defense Refresh (Re)setting Mist SPF 40 ($30/3.4 oz)  - a lightweight refresh mist that gives sweat and waterproof sun protection without disturbing your makeup so you can keep reapplying throughout the day. The mist is fine and even, the scent is minty fresh, the finish is non-greasy. You can use this literally on anyone anywhere for trusty sun protection. Some customers even spray it on their hair.
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