The Best Dupe of the Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly Gloss

It's no pure luck that Tower 28 Beauty has risen to mass fandom in just 2 years since its launch in 2019. The brand entered the market with blushes and lip glosses with hundreds of alternatives already in the market, what made the brand really stood out was that it's one of the first cosmetics brands tailored to sensitive skin, and the only makeup brand to follow the U.S. National Eczema Association's guidelines while having beautiful-when-applied, non-toxic, non-irritating formulas.
None of . Seeing the quality of the products, this is quite affordable. We encourage you to support a female-Asian-owned forward-thinking brand if you could. But if you are still searching for some dupes, we are here for you. Read on!
The ($14) officially kickstarted the era of non-sticky lip glosses. Looking back now, it's mind-blowing that us consumers put up with sticky glosses for so long. Mr Steve Jobs is right, "Customer don't know what they want until you show it to them".
The milky lip jelly is non-sticky, hydrating, cushioning, but also has decent color payoffs. Your straight guy friends won't throw a question like "did you eat something oily?" at you with this lip gloss, they would know that's makeup.
The dupe we found, which surprisingly not a lot of people are talking about, is the ($8.5). The name kind of gives it away. It has a very similar non-sticky gel-like milky formula. The finish juicy but not sparkly. The product comes in 8 colors, and some colors have even more opaque payoffs than Tower 28's.
Last but not least, doesn't the packaging of the NYX This is Milky gloss looks really chic? For once, we have a drug store dupe that has the whole package!
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