The Best Dupes of the Makeup by Mario Moisture Glow™ Plumping Lip Serum

Comfort is the ultimate luxury, it is the unsung hero in makeup that everyone secretly lusted over but was not a thing (beauty is painful was the tagline?) until recently.
Not surprisingly, the trending texture in lip products is this sheer, cushioning, moisturizing, melt-into-your-lips heavenly consistency that makes TikTokers go 'woo' in videos after applying. The recently launched product with this trendy texture is Makeup by Mario Moisture Glow™ Plumping ($22), the product is nothing groundbreaking but it has sold out of all colors partly due to Tik Tokers' obsession with this dewy juicy lip tint.
The product is like a muted lip gloss in lipstick form. Formulated with hydrating oils, it melts into the lips while still leaving a 50% transparency wash of color. The plumping serum (not too much tingling) and micro-glitters in it make lips look extra plump. But of course, you've got options.
If you want a similarly nourishing and melty serum-like type of lip tint, the Em Cosmetics ($23) was one of the first products in this category. Like Mario's, this lip tint also can only be twisted up (not down) to maintain its moisture. This lip cushion leaves the lips looking plump and glossy but also feels comfortable from the hyaluronic acid and vitamin E in the formula.
If you want a plumping, hydrating, but less glossy finish, as we are all wearing masks, the very underrated affordable option is the ($8). There is a noticeable tingling when applied (the plumping ingredient) but it goes away quickly. The lip color glides on like a dream but is less melty and glossy compared to Mario's - no stickiness at all. The pigment is sheer but still can be built up. Overall, this is a toned-down version Mario's lip serum that is perfect for everyday wear and is much much more affordable.
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