The More Affordable Dupe for Beauty Blender that Everyone Raves About

What’s the product?

The ($20/each) is the original beauty blender that revolutionized makeup application. When wet, the sponge can quickly blend makeup for an airbrushed finish.
Makeup sponges need to be replaced often as they are Disneyland for bacteria and can get moldy easily. As a disposable tool, the Beauty Blender is pricey. 

What’s the dupe we found?

We’ve recommended the ($6) as the 100% biodegradable option before. 
But if you are looking for the ultimate affordable dupe for the Beauty Blender, we recommend the makeup sponge set, which only cost $10 for a set of 6.

Why is it a good dupe?

✅ Much more affordable. The costs $2/each vs. $20/each for Beauty Blender.
✅ Even though the texture of the AOA is not the same as the original beauty blender, the sponge is just as bouncy and easy to use. It blends out makeup beautifully and holds up well over time.
✅ Reviewers confirm that it’s “the best drugstore-priced beauty blender dupe I’ve tried yet, and I’ve tried a lot!”
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