The Best Hydrating Non-Sticky Fragrance-Free Dupe of the Purell Hand Sanitizer

What’s your most-used product recently? The answer must include Purell hand sanitizer. It is an essential item in our daily lives for the past two years and for the foreseeable future. It is shocking how few good options we have for this must-have product, it’s either not enough ethyl alcohol percentage to be effective, or too sticky to use, or have too strong a scent for those with sensitive skins and noses. The Purell hand sanitizer, albeit formulated with essential oils, still feels drying especially during the winter months.
I found this dupe of the Purell hand sanitizer while browsing the Sephora store, they have its dispenser as the store hand sanitizer. After trying, I immediately bought two bottles even though I still have a bottle of Purell in my handbag. It is the .
Biossance is a brand known for its plant-derived squalane, an ingredient that keeps your skin moisture at a molecular level and is known to penetrate the skin better than many other oils. It’s not surprising that Biossance’s hand sanitizer is formulated with the signature squalane that makes it hydrating without any stickiness.
contains 70% alcohol to kill germs while keeping your skin moisturized. The fragrance-free formula also makes it a staple in your beauty bag (similar to Purell, there is no super strong scent of alcohol either), safe if you are sensitive to fragrance, and if you don’t want your hand sanitizer to be the dominating scent on you.
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