The More Lightweight and Less Tacky Dupe for the Jones Road Miracle Balm

Jones Road has some of the most unique products. Maybe because they don't try to be everything to everyone, some of their products are suitable for only a specific group of people. Their best-selling  ($38) is a quite intense thick hydrating multipurpose balm that can be applied anywhere you want a natural glow and some color. The texture feels like unmelted coconut oil and keeps its thick consistency even when melted into the skin - it doesn't set. Those with dry skin love this product to death for its intense hydration and the dewy glow it brings to the face, many use it as an all-over skincare product.
The flip side of that coin though is its tackiness on the skin. If you don't have dry skin, the can feel like a burden on the skin, one that you might not want even for an angelic glow. Some also complained about the unpleasant scent of the balm.
The more lightweight dupe we found is from Danessa Myricks, a brand created by a makeup artist. The ($22) is a very similar highlighting & hydrating balm also formulated with Jojoba oil. The texture, however, is sheer and lightweight. The product gives the most gorgeous glassy highlight without adding texture or shimmers to the skin (the shimmer in the product doesn't appear on the skin), or disturbing the makeup underneath. The tackiness is there but much less intense compared to the miracle balm. Admittedly, it's positioned more towards makeup than skincare. So if you use the Miracle Balm as a highlighter or blush, you will find the wet balm to be a more elegantly formulated product.
Price-wise, the Danessa Myricks is more expensive per gram ($22 for 9g), and miracle balm costs $38 for 50g. However, unless you use this as a skincare product, you would not get through 50g of cream using it as a highlighter/blush alone before it expires. The is more than enough for you for $16 less.
P.S. You can find here.
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