The K-Beauty Dupes for Hailey Bieber’s Glazing Milk

Is it surprising that the sold out already (they are restocking June 29th at 9 AM PST). Every product launch by rhode skin seem to be sold out fast.
The glazing milk costs $29 for 140ml. It is a milky facial essence that’s a hydrating prep layer, allowing better absorption of subsequent skincare products. The key ingredient is Ceramide Trio, which enhances the skin's barrier function for a healthier appearance. It also contains Beta-Glucan to lock in moisture and soothe the skin. 
Before we get to the dupe, you might ask - what’s an essence?
Essence is a skincare product that is particularly popular in Japan and Korea. It is a vital step in the multi-step skincare routines popularized by these countries. Essences are lightweight, watery formulations that are designed to deliver intense hydration, they create a hydrated and receptive canvas, ensuring that the following products penetrate deeply and work more effectively.
What’s the dupe and why are they good?
Knowing that it’s already a popular type of product in Asia, you must have guessed right that there are plenty of affordable options from K-Beauty. 
We are recommending two dupes for the rhode skin glazing milk that you can easily buy online.
The first one is the one that immediately comes to many people’s mind because of its popularity and similar milky texture, the
Its formulation and effect is very similar to glazing milk’s, It’s formulated with ceramides and peptides that helps to nourish and strengthen skin's moisture barrier, white leaf tea water to soothes and hydrate the skin. Yes, the toner more expensive with the first purchase, $36 for 170ml. However, its refills is only $30 for 170ml.
The other similar but more affordable dupe for the  rhode skin glazing milk is the ($20).
 It’s tailored to hydrate dry skin, soothe sensitive skin, and strengthen moisture barrier.  The formulation has six kinds of ceramides to maximize hydration and moisture levels! It also has 30% panthenol to calm inflammation or irritation.  I also particularly like that the comes in a mist that makes it easier to control the amount your apply.
Other than nearly identical skin benefits, both glazing milk dupes are lightweight in texture and give you a dewy glazing donut look 😊
P.S. You can find more  here.
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