Dupe of the Week #4 - Hourglass, Charlotte Tilbury, Glossier, Rare Beauty, Beauty Blender Dupes

is a weekly series featuring 5 new dupes we’ve added to our database each week. This week we added dupes for Beauty Blender solid brush cleaner, Charlotte Tilbury setting spray, Hourglass hydrating tint, Glossier You, Rare Beauty eyeshadow stick.
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After I watched this TikTok video by Selena Gomez’s makeup artist, I cannot believe I’ve been spending $18 on this tiny solid brush cleaner from Beauty Blender to wash my brushes.
You can get this giant bar of pink soap called , and it works so well for cleaning makeup brushes.
The soap is a Mexican treasure apparently intended for washing clothes, but people find it not only cleans the brushes but conditions the brush hair to keep them soft, this is because….look away Vegan people, this soap contains tallow. 
If you are okay with that, then get this soap immediately. Other than using it for cleaning your brushes, you can also make homemade laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid from this soap, so don’t worry about wasting any.
Many Charlotte Tilbury products are controversial.  As popular as the Pink Orgasm blush was, a lot of people think it’s overhyped. The unexpected product that I see people praise and praise again is Charlotte Tilbury’s ($38). It’s formulated with film-former polymers that hold the makeup in place vs. just set it. 
A more affordable option with a similar polymer formulation is the ($9). Reviewers praise it for its lasting powder and for adding a subtle glow. 
One side note: while it doesn’t contain fragrance like Charlotte Tilbury’s, it does have alcohol denat. 
The last time I remember everyone talking about hourglass is when they launched the infamous expensive eyeshadows. Well…this time it’s another product launch, but the response seems to be pretty positive. 
It’s their new . It’s targeted at people with dry skin and looking for light coverages. 
It feels pretty thick when applied, which immediately reminds me of the ($13). The formulation similarly contains a high percentage of squalane. And the Milani skin tint also gives a dewy sheer-to-light coverage.
The only downside with any drugstore base makeup is the limited shade range.
We already wrote about  ($60) dupes in another dupe alert. But this is a new discovery from browsing on Ulta. 
If you want a lighter version of Glossier You, try the ($12.99). I think this is a great choice if you want to smell good, but don’t want it to be too obvious
As much as I love Rare Beauty, there’s nothing special about their . Unless there’s a color, just get the , even Selena Gomez’s makeup artist uses these in her TikTok tutorials.
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