Kulfi Zari Cream Shadow is the Long-Lasting Crease-Proof Dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Cream Eyeshadow

What’s the product?

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize - retails for $35 and comes in 11 colors.
It is marketed as a long-lasting cream eyeshadow with vitamin E that is effortless to apply - one-minute no-mirror makeup.
The soft-focus illuminating pigment helps to create a smooth, shimmery, dreamy eye look. Other than the price, many complained that the shadow creases and even disappear quickly after application, contrary to the brand claim.

What’s the dupe we found?

The retails for $30 and comes in 5 colors, is a more long-lasting dupe we found for the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow.
The Kulfi cream eyeshadow has a whipped, jelly-like texture and gives a smooth shimmery/metallic eye look. 
P.S. Kulfi Beauty is a brand created by Priyanka Ganjoo to celebrate South Asian Beauty. They became popular with the launch of their smudge-proof . Their products are known for being highly pigmented, smudge-proof, and budge-proof. 

Why is it a good dupe?

✅ Similar metallic/shimmery finish
✅ Similar formula with Vitamin E, chamomile, Aloe Vera
✅ More affordable
✅ Long-lasting & crease-proof: Customers confirm that this cream eyeshadow is truly long-lasting, and crease-proof, compared to other cream shadows on the market. Because the cream dries down to a powder finish, it won’t flake or move as much. If you still find it creases a little, put on some eye primers or powder shadows before putting it on.
✅  is a small brand prioritizing well-sourced ingredients (pearl powder) and fair labor (made in California)
✅  has fewer color options compared to Charlotte Tilbury’s but a wider range of colors (that bold yellow!)
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