The Best Dupe of the Shiseido MicroLiner Ink Eyeliner

Let's be honest, who's not in forever search of the perfect eyeliner? It is extremely rare to find a smudge-proof, thin, smooth, long-lasting eyeliner with potent color but without breakage.
When the ($22) came out, we thought with one of the thinnest tips on the market, and its smudge-proof claim, it is THE one to tight line the waterline and stays put throughout the day. While it is smooth, creamy, easy to draw on pigmented lines, for oily lids like mine, it stills smudges on it after a couple of hours, as most pencil eyeliners do.
If you like the Shiseido liner for its ultra-thin tip and high pigment, we found a $10 cult-favorite dupe from a Japanese drugstore brand, Canmake. This is a bold claim, but we are not scared to make it, the ($10) is the best thin pencil eyeliner we've ever tried, for its extra-thin creamy tip, its rich pigment, its true no-budge no-smudge quality, and of course, for its affordability. The glowing reviews on Amazon confirm that it is a best-selling drugstore product in Japan for a reason, and we cannot believe we didn't find it sooner.
The only downside is that similar to the Shiseido micro liner, it is not retractable in order to maintain the creaminess of the pencil. You just need to be careful about not twisting up too much. You can take our word for it though, the tiny inconvenience is worth it.
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