This Dupe for the Augustinus Bader Cream is at Half the Price with the Same Ingredient

What’s the product?

The ($180/30ml) is one of those products you both love and hate. 
Love that this seemingly insignificant cream makes your skin smoother and brighter. Hate it for the price point of course, that it’s hard for you to continuously use this in your routine without giving up something else.
The  supposedly is undupable. The key ingredient is patented as TFC8®, Trigger Factor Complex, with amino acids, vitamins, and synthesized molecules naturally found in the body. 
This is the star ingredient that makes Augustinus Bader special.

What's the dupe?

BUT… we still managed to find a dupe for the ($180/30ml).
It is the Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer ($95/30ml).
Because it’s a collab between the two brands, It’s also formulated with the patented ingredient TFC8®. BUT…you only need to pay $95 for it instead of $180. 
How lucky are we for this collab! 
On top of it, the is formulated as a priming moisturizer before makeup, it gives a beautiful pore-blurring luminous finish. You can also use it as a night-time moisturizer of course.

Why is it a good dupe?

You cannot find a better dupe!   ($95/30ml) is the closest dupe for the Augustinus Bader cream ($180/30ml) because:
✅ Same core ingredient: TFC8®
✅ More affordable: save $85 for $30ml!
✅ Slimmer and chicer packaging 
✅ More versatile: unlike Augustinus Bader’s, the VB priming moisturizer layers well under makeup without peeling. You can also use it as a night-time cream.
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